Project Update 2#

Hi all. Thought we would give you an update on the progress we’ve made in the past few weeks, and give you an insight into future developments we have planned. Firstly, we have just finished the first level of the game, and have got some video to show you of how it’s turned out. This again is a tutorial level; we promise you that the game will get a lot more challenging for those who like a little punishment (not too hard though – it’s got to be fun as well!)

All I can say is watch out for the mines….


Also thought we would show you how we’ve turned the concept image of the Elite Drone from a sketch into a full blooded bad boy of the deep – check him out….


Sweet isn't he!

Now that we have completed the first two levels, things are speeding up nicely. Production of level 3 is already well on the way, and as a teaser here’s the concept mock-up of the level.


We’ve left the key explaining what everything is, but if you look carefully it might give you some clues. There’s a variety of traps and puzzles in there, some beautiful caverns and architecture, and also one hell of a dog fight. No prizes for guessing where! Also, the eagle eyed of you will notice the sheer scale of the new level – its mighty big…..


Project Update 1#

We thought we would like to give everyone an update on our progress. We are just completing our second level (which is the first level in the game just to confuse everyone ;-) ) and starting work on the third level. Also, the story elements of the game are starting to take shape and we will be able to show more of both the story and the first level soon. We’re really excited about how it looks and can’t wait to share! Here's a few preview images from the next level.

* Puzzle Concept

* Made from Girders )))




Project Launch

All systems are a go on Fathom; we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign, we have our website, Facebook and Twitter pages setup and now we can put all of our attention back to the game. Stay tuned for updates on how the game is progressing, new artwork posts and more.


This is our first Fathom video, created specifically for Kickstarter. Possibly the most awkward thing we’ve ever done, and after endless bickering, 100’s of takes and a “who looked the worst” competition we managed to finish it. We were determined to say something in the video as we’re proud to put our faces along-side the game; just not so pretty faces ((.



Our logo got a facelift!

Our artist Valentin recently re-designed our logo to try and wow people for the kickstarter campaign, and better portray the Steam punk theme we wish to become our companies niche in the market. It has earned its place as my profile picture.

Old logo

The old logo

New logo
Steam punk on steroids logo!



Fathom Evolution

We originally planned Fathom to be a 2D game, we had so many restrictions it was all we could handle really.

Fathom evolution
This was our original concept art for Fathom

Fathom evolution
Our original concepts for the bathysphere

Then we decided to try out the Unity engine and really stretch our limits as far as they’d go.

We immediately realised that 2D wasn’t go to work and just looked far too dated. So we decided to go with 2.5D, essentially meaning the game is full of 3D objects but you can’t go in and out of the environment as such, you have to stay on the Z-0 plane.

Soon after this the artists could really show off their talent and make this game look like it belongs in 2013

Fathom screenshot
We know what you’re thinking about the green mushrooms and a certain movie, don’t think that. We’ll hunt you.

Fathom evolution
Your ticket to the unknown, our first render of the new and improved Bathysphere


A taste of terror

Here are some renders our artists have made. Here we have the mechanical monster simply known as “the shark boss” for now as every single boss we want to call Leviathan. And also “the nemesis” as you can see it’s the evil twin of the Bathysphere, and will be a mini-boss in the game. These are already implemented in the game, so majority of the images we show are guaranteed to show up in the game.

We’re really trying to explore the mechanical steampunk theme with these bosses, and hopefully with kickstarter we can really kick it up a notch and make these giant automatons as unique looking as they are deadly.

Shark boss

I almost want to be in this ship, but that’s probably just the evil child in me talking

More of these on our Facebook page


Music to soothe the soul

We’ve got our first in-game track, created by Lex Dimitru. We think this really sets the atmosphere for Fathom, it’s a very gentle and mellow track to listen to while you explore the mysterious sea.


Be social

We really want to get your opinion on the game, any questions or advise you may have. As it’s though the people of kickstarter that this game will be made, we really want our fans to have a say in the game. Check out the forum on our site, or post on Facebook to talk about the game. There’s also a special section in the forum for kickstarter backers for any questions you may have about the project or the pledges.

Facebook page


New T-shirt design

We wanted you to have multiple reasons to invest in this game. Obviously we want you to believe in it as much as we do, this is our first game big game and we think it’s pretty unique. We’ve found with a lot of pledge rewards what you get in return just isn’t that cool, so we really tried to give you something in return that we would want ourselves.


We didn’t want to make a shirt with the logo slapped on it, so we had our artist design this shirt to reveal what lays within all us Steam punkers!


I wish I was rich

So we sent designs of Nathaniel’s coat to a well- known tailor to see if she can make it….and she can! Hilary Wili made costumes for The Mighty Boosh, so she’s instantly awesome. We hope we get people to invest in our top pledge in the kickstarter project, as the reward for it (including MANY other goodies) will be a custom made replica of Nathaniel’s long coat!

Character concept

For the cosplay enthusiast, gentlemen, Steam punk fan and general cool guy in all of us.


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